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UV Light Phone Sterilizer


Say “NO” to Germs

  • Germs and Viruses are transmitted through physical contact and air. 
  • Get our exclusive Smartphone Sterilizer to protect your family from germs! 


99.9% Disinfection by Ultraviolet Light

  • Eliminate 99.9 % Bacteria within 6 minutes! 
  • The sterilizer uses bacteria-zapping UV disinfectant light to target all the unreachable areas, eliminating germs and up to 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Simply place your smartphone and close the device. 
  • The device will automatically start to sterilize and sanitize your smartphone. 


Product Details

  • L228 x W118 x H50 (mm)
  • Weight: 266 gram
  • Colour: Matte White
  • 1 SmartPhone Sterilizer
  • 1 Power USB Cable


Only for Smartphones? NO! Sanitize Every Single Item! 

  • Mobile Phones, Comestics, Airpods, Glasses, Jewelries, Toothbrushes, etc


Portable and Easy to Operate

  • Portable and Exceptional Design
  • The device is chargeable with every USB charger or port. 
  • You can sanitize your smartphone or other items wherever you go. 
  • Simple Operation

Perfect gift for your family, lover, and friends! 

  • Presented in a stylish box. It is an ideal gift for anyone who cares about hygiene and Virus.


UV Light Phone Sterilizer